Dr. Jill Clark has over 16 years of experience working with children from toddlers through Elementary age, Middle and High School.

In June, 2007 Dr. Clark was the main presenter at a conference in L’viv, Ukraine. She trained caseworkers who work with families that have adopted orphans. These caseworkers needed up-to-date research-based strategies to help the families best deal with the children they have adopted who have early childhood trauma. Dr. Clark returned to L'viv in April of 2008 to work more closely with parents and caseworkers regarding the types of issues they are having with the traumatized orphans they have adopted. She returns with her husband June 13th through June 25 to help present at
a camp for the parents and children in the Volyn Region (North West) of Ukraine
this year.

She worked for over 7 years at a clinic for high-risk children and low-income families.
Dr. Clark spent and additional 4 years at a Middle and High School for students with severe emotional problems that interfere with learning. She is experienced in helping
students with emotional disabilities and learning disorders to enable them learn to accept their unique strengths and weaknesses and to use their gifts in a productive manner.

Dr. Jill Clark can help diagnose and treat such emotional disorders as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and more. Children with traumatic pasts,
as well as children in crisis, are a passion of Dr. Clark’s. Working with the parents of these children is a key piece for the treatment.